Hating Haters is still Hating

I ran across a piece on Facebook today, written by Brad Torgersen. I asked for, and obtained, permission to share it out with the rest of the world. Without further ado, I present it to you, Gentle Reader:

To echo something I’ve said before: the American Left have given themselves a huge free pass, labeled: IT’S OKAY TO HATE THE “HATERS.”

Funny thing about hate. It’s addictive. Worse than coke or smack or meth. Perhaps as bad as booze. Once you’ve integrated it into your daily spiritual “diet” it will become essential to who you are. All kinds of actions—which might have seemed extreme or inconceivable before—suddenly appear not only rational, but absolutely necessary.

Thus you get suicide bombers in crowded concerts, or guys with guns shooting Republicans on a baseball field.

“Because something *must* be done!”

Anyone remember the movie NEEDFUL THINGS? Ed Harris, at the very end, when he draws his gun?

Sometimes, the best thing to do, is nothing at all.

Right now millions of Americans—ordinary people, all—are fueled by hate. They think it’s okay, because they tell themselves that hating “haters” is a righteous form of addiction, therefore it cannot be bad.

But hating people is hating people is hating people. There’s a reason why Christ despised indulgence in hate, above almost all other sins. Hatred destroys the carrier of the disease, long before it touches the intended target. Hatred—next to lust, and envy—is Satan’s most potent and effective tool. For making men miserable to the point they are willing to inflict their misery on each other.

And no, hating the “haters” does not purify your hate. It merely numbs you to the fact that you are becoming that which you claim to despise. Those beasts you see in society? The “evil” ones? You’ve become just like them, only you pretend your beastliness is justified.

If America wants to kick its current hate addiction—and avoid plunging into a balkanized hell—America needs to humble itself (cough, I am looking at you, liberals, cough) and admit that the first step in beating the “haters” . . . is to not go around being the biggest hater of them all.

And no, it doesn’t matter who started it. Stop making excuses.


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