Understanding WHY – the chastity talk you *wish* you were having

An excellent explication of why chastity is such an important virtue. What a wonderful approach!

Alaina Chatterley

I gave this lesson to 25 young women aged 12-17 today.  I want to remember it in a few years when talking with my own kids.  I wish I’d heard the same when *I* was the teenager. Feel free to use it to teach your own.  ~ac

Why do we tell little kids to stay on the sidewalk?

We drill that into them – over and over and over – to protect them.  They know we want to protect them.  They know it’s good for them.  Clearly, our continued emphasis about staying on the sidewalk lets our children know how very important it is.  They could repeat “Stay on the sidewalk” in their sleep.  BUT, when asked WHY they need to stay on the sidewalk, they might pause a moment longer and say… “So cars won’t hit me.”  Yes.  Why? “Uh… so I…

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