Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

With a new (to us) computer, I am back online! It’s been so busy, and having viral bronchitis that verged into pneumonia has been a challenge this month. The girls are being so helpful. Miss Fi is mopping the living room and entry area. Dishes are a constant. Bread is rising. Turkey is thawing (probably going to take a dunk in the cold water-filled bathtub, just to be certain). Everything is slow this year. I keep having to sit down and catch my breath, or take a gasp off the inhaler the doctor gave me. It will all get done, and that’s what matters, isn’t it?

Our traditional Thanksgiving menu runs along these lines:

A very large turkey, around 23 lbs.

Mashed potatoes


Dressing – (you can call it stuffing, but I’ve gotten lazy over the last few years, and cook most of it outside of the bird. The bird cooks faster, and I can, um, test taste it, yeah, before the bird is done. Testing it for quality assurance, that’s it!

3 Bean Salad – I make my mom’s bean salad, which was HER mom’s bean salad. Vinegar and sugar, a little oil, salt and pepper, green bell pepper, onion diced, kidney beans, garbanzo (cece) beans, yellow wax beans, and green beans. Why do they call it 3-bean salad? There’ve always been FOUR beans in the dang thing. Go figure.

Ambrosia Salad (fruit) – Mandarin oranges, pineapple tidbits, flaked coconut, miniature marshmallows, and sour cream. Have to make this one (like the 3 bean salad) the night before, so the flavors marry well. Simple and luscious.

Rolls. Homemade, fresh breads. White, Wheat, with flaxseed or without, yeasty wonderfulness reigns in our household!

Sweet Quick Breads. As a surprise for the unsuspecting sweet-toothed 18-year-old son, I am making his favorite Almond Poppyseed Bread. I’ll also be making at least one loaf of Lemon Poppyseed bread. Wish I had bananas; I’d love some buttered slices of sweet, dense banana bread tomorrow. Alas, such is not to be.

All the other little sides are planned for, as well. Black olives (my granddaughter loves them madly). Chips and dips. Chocolate milk for the kids, large and small. Pies – cheesecake and pumpkin.

Aside from all the cooking & baking, it’s a peaceful night. A good start to the most peaceful Season of the year. Happy Thanksgiving.



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