Because we homeschool, I know WWII imagery, and I know where it doesn’t belong.

Where we live, there’s a lot of town pride. T-shirts, hats, sports slogans, lots of town pride.

Because of this, people can make some major bank off of town-themed products at annual festivals, and many people do, such as an acquaintance of my family. We will call him Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones is a big townie. Both in the sense that he’s pretty tall and that he’s very into town things, city council, parks and rec, local politics, etc.

Mr. Jones likes to think of himself as educated, so I was a bit confused at the shirt he designed and produced for a local festival a while back, and asked him about it, rather bewildered as to, what, what in the name of all things good and holy he was thinking.

This is the back of the shirt.


Yup. Our school team, the Timberwolves.

Now, you may be wondering, if you haven’t studied up on the subject, why this shirt bothers me. Here are some explanatory pictures from one of my favorite books of mine, “Hitler Youth: The Hitlerjugend in War and Peace“.


What could that banner in the background of these Nazi’s little personal moment be? Might we have an educational blip from the book about what this mysterious and not-swastika symbol could be??


Mercy me! Might it be (gasp) a Nazi symbol (once again) taken from another culture? Where have we seen this before? Surely it’s not, like, a thing, omgosh.
Oh, what lovely drums those young men have– oh, wait, no. Could this  possibly be quite specifically for Nazi youth? Surely any sane, God-fearing and educated patriotic American would never put that on American children! Not knowingly, at least, right?

What thoughts come after this?

“It was an accident, surely.”
“Indeed, my good fellow, just a jolly coincidence!”
“Quite, now let us have a merry garden party with tea and scones!”

Or not, if you aren’t into garden parties with tea and scones, but that, essentially. Coincidental mishap. However, as I said before, I actually asked Mr. Jones about it, and you know what Mr. Jones told me, to my face, standing on Main Street on a sunny morning, happy children running about with various forms of sugar in hand and parents trying to keep track of them and browse street vendors at the same time?

Mr. Jones told me, “Oh, yeah, that’s a Hitlerjugend symbol, see, the Defense Wolves, Wolf Angels and Werewolves were Nazi regiments for the youth.”

I had already known this, thanks to my book.

I love captions in history books. And pictures. But it’s more unfortunate when I’m reading stuff like this book and there’re these adorable little kids all saluting Hitler and stuff. It’s just sad.

He knew.

Completely blew my mind, but at the same time, I wasn’t surprised, Mr. Jones is… Interesting.Full-on DRRR!-esque story of crazy stuff that I may get into eventually (read; if we ever move far, far away) but not right now.

Anyway, though, on-subject, I could ask why someone who holds himself a very proud (read: prideful) American would knowingly stick Nazi symbols on children and names of Nazi regiments. I can’t really answer that, but there’s only two choices, willful action or stupidity, I don’t know which is worse.

I could ask why American kids are so uneducated by the conventional system that they don’t know what they’re wearing- it looks cool, so who cares? I can’t answer that, again, but it’s the same two conclusions, someone is either doing it on purpose or they’re stupid, willfully ignorant, etc.

So what am I doing here, writing a blog post about some t-shirt that got sold at a town fair a while back that I happened to find egregiously offensive to my sense of humanity?

Not sure. Probably making a point about Mr. Jones and the national education system, though. Just caught my attention recently and begged mention. Do what you will with it, but really, I think the moral of the post is, “Keep your eyes open and speak up when people are out of line”.

Have fun with that.


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