Thought for the Day

Anybody who knows me can tell you that I’m into like love politics. International, local, national, most anything gets me interested. (I admit, I have some disdain for people my age who aren’t interested in politics- that’s my and their future at stake.)

But, with upcoming elections this November, I’ve been thinking about how elections work, and I’ve decided it isn’t right.

Not that being a democratic republic (note: the pledge of allegiance says we’re a republic, not a democracy, which easily leads to tyranny) is a bad thing. I rather like living where I can at least feel like I have a say in things.

But what I’ve particularly been thinking about is write-in votes. There are always and will always be write-ins, and what I’ve noticed is that they never show up in voting results. It’s always split a flat fifty-fifty between two candidates, and that’s statistically impossible. So, thinking this over earlier, it became apparent that by this indicator, no matter how many votes a write-in gets, they can never win, because not all votes are equal. Some aren’t sponsored, some aren’t bought.

None are fifty-fifty, but all are counted that way.

And that’s our random thought for the day! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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