6 Deadly Assumptions About Violence

I think this is well worth the time for me to pass it on, and for you, kind readers, to read it. This gentleman makes some very good points, it seems to me. I frequently make the mistake of feeling “safe” in my little town. Comparatively, we ARE safer than we used to be. My ex can no longer find us. My children can walk to the library, the store, the park, and the pool without fear. Maybe some fear is warranted, though. This past weekend, information was shared in our community that at least one person had surprised burglar(s?) upon arriving home. People have been advised to be watchful. We’re feeling a little shell-shocked, to be honest. Stay safe, all. Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance, right?

Survival Sherpa

by Todd Walker

The Zombie Treadmill Defense Concept

Photo credit

The “Treadmill Defense” made me laugh. Great idea! If it were only that simple. I think we all make dangerous assumptions about how to defend our property and person.

Social upheaval and “peaceful protests” are increasing and not likely to decline anytime soon. Let me say upfront that I’m not an expert in self-defense. Never allow anything I write (or anyone else for that matter) override your real-life experience and common sense.

Most people have never faced a life-threatening, violent encounter. The more I think I know, the more I begin to see how little I know. I’ve always heard that the majority of shootings happen up close and personal. How close? Two yards are less. David Nash over at Shepherd School shares some real world stats:

These FBI-compiled numbers have been pretty much the same for many years: 50% of LEOs killed are killed at five feet or less…

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