Modern Media: My look into our culture’s influences.

Now, as I’m sure everyone is aware, if you’ve read the intro page, my mother and I are religious, in a very Christian and Mormon sense.

So, looking over the first assignment in the Integrity value (one of my personal favorites), I thought about what it was like cleaning up my media.

When I say “cleaning up”, I’m talking about removing any inappropriate material, and I was kind of surprised at how much there was that once I really looked at it, wasn’t healthy at all.

I looked through a USB port that I had an accumulated music folder on (it had roughly 230 songs on it), and selected every song that I wouldn’t listen to with my mom.

I was horrified at how vastly diminished my playlist was. Music that I hadn’t thought twice about, because I listened to it with my friends, what’s so wrong with that?, was far dirtier than I’d say. This led to the conclusion that even though I always had high standards for my entertainment, I’d let my guard fall to accommodate peer pressure.

Needless to say, I was disappointed in myself, but I was also disappointed in my friends, that they didn’t look at their music with a discerning eye.

In an age where most songs are about:
a) A party,
b) A girl,
c) A breakup,
d) A lover,
it’s hard to find music that’s spiritually healthy and uplifting, and even harder to find people my age who look for it.

I’ve seen it addressed before that “You never know how dirty a song’s lyrics are until you hear them out of a toddler’s mouth”, and I think that’s a good standard. My mother, for a long time, didn’t let her kids read anything she couldn’t read, and vice versa. This vastly changed our reading material, naturally.


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