The ceiling disappeared?

(Again, this is an older post, from back in November 2015. It got lost in the shuffle of drafts, but deserves to be posted and seen.)

That’s what my older sister’s question was when I told her what we were seeing driving through town. We were having to swerve a bit to avoid large chunks of cheap roofing from small businesses that had come flying off during our #InlandWinds crisis up here.

Yes, I said crisis. There were at least four trees down just around my sister’s neighborhood.

Side note: I love the people around my sister’s neighborhood. Even though it’s considered a bad neighborhood, there’s people from the surrounding houses directing traffic around fallen trees covering half of the road. Not cops. Citizens.

Anyway, ended up at my sister’s house. Thank goodness for WIFI, electricity, and indoor heating. Especially after a day of orthodontist and dentist visits for all four kids, here. The upside is I get to see my amazingly awesome and reallyreallyreally cool uncle.

No, I am not over-exaggerating my uncle. He has swords sitting around his house. A few examples of our interactions:

Uncle Trey: I hate kids, but you’re all under eighteen, so I can’t do anything about it… Someday.

Me: Well, if we were over eighteen, then we’d be adults and you wouldn’t have to hate us, though, so you are powerless against us.

Uncle Trey: … … Yeah.

Or when we showed up to his house and I commented on the knife on his belt:

Uncle Trey: That’s only one. I bet you couldn’t guess how many knives I have on me at the moment, though.

Me: *stares at uncle for long minute* Nine.  Nine knives.

Uncle Trey: That’s… Right, actually. Wait, no. *pulls knife on a cord out from under the neckline of his shirt* Ten knives. But very close. How’d you guess? *semi-rhetorical question*

Me: Ohhh, if you’d just said ten I could’ve pointed out where it was. I counted every possible place you could have a knife…

Uncle Trey: *has general “Your mom is doing something right” aura of approval*

Yeah. I love my uncle, which is why I hang out with him and not my cousins when we end up over there. Uncle Trey has the family crests, both Welsh and Scottish, I believe, preserved on various things, and gave my sister and I major points for recognizing the Prussian emblem.

Uncle Trey is awesome, in short.

Anyway, back to the storm. At least one casualty resulted from falling trees, a woman getting into her car. I got to see several cases of “Oh goodness, there’s a tree twice as big as my car laying across the road/my driveway/my trailer/my car/my house”.

According to mother, there will be a lot of “free firewood” ads on Craigslist today and tomorrow. If I still lived up there and not in the middle of nowhere, I’d be out volunteering in my neighborhood to help move branches and clear assorted wood things by now, because that’s what you do in a city dedicated to its arboreal prowess. As is, we just have to sit in a fairly treeless town until further notice.




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