My First Political Meeting

(She’ll kill me for this, but I think it should be posted, even though it got lost in the shuffle of ‘drafts’. I hope I survive the wrath of Livi!)

So, last night I went to my first caucus for my area.

I had fun. I got to take notes and meet campaigning GOP members. I took some time to get down the website addresses for our local party.

I was rather… Disappointed.

I decided, looking at the bare-bones site that makes up the page, that I would code an alternate page, since even the Facebook and Twitter pages were neglected, with only around 300 followers. Mom and I have taken it upon ourselves to revive their internet division, or at least try to, if we can wrangle ourselves an IT position.

I got to meet some of the folks running for office in our county,  Joe Schmick and his wife, Kim, and Mary Dye.  After some research on them, I’ve come to the conclusion that they aren’t bad people, so far as I can see. I like Schmick’s thoughts on staying where your laws affect you.

But, thinking on this and future meetings, my family’s newest addition to our TV catalog pops into my head: Parks and Recreations.

Mother says that she sees a startling similarity between herself and the main character, Leslie Knope. According to Mom, Aside from being a blonde Liberal and a bit of a ditz, mom is the town-boosting enthusiastic, small-government kind of person.

I keep telling her she should run for mayor next election, but she won’t listen to me.

Anyway, I pride myself on being a secretary of sorts to my mother, reminding her of things, texting for her when she’s driving or her hands are full, making notes on important things, and doing secretary things like that.

Does that make my P&R character Anne Perkins? Scary.

But I decided at the last half-hour (I would say minute, but there was some forethought) that I wanted to go. Why? Because I don’t get to freely express my views very often, and even if I wasn’t supposed to talk, I was at least comforted that there were some vaguely intelligent people left in America. As a 15-year-old, my peers don’t like talking politics, they like talking cat videos and people I’ve never met. I don’t fit in with a lot of the 15-year-olds in my area.

It would be sad, if I didn’t find it hilarious and sad that other people my age are so blind to the world around them, and their parents encourage it, but I could hop onto my soap box and tell all about what’s wrong with today’s kids/parenting, but now is not the time, Cato. Now is the time for me to make a spontaneous side note.

As a side note, looking around the interwebs for media for my example webpage, I found this picture:


Trump and Cruz connect

I noticed, looking at this picture, that Trump and Cruz are the only ones making eye contact with the viewer, everyone else is looking away to a varying degree. I feel like everyone else is looking at what they want America to be, but they look at what America is, and how to fix what we have now, and focus on how we get where we want to be, not focus on what we’re going to be  without having a real plan.

But that’s just my take on a random picture off the internet. 🙂


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