Cutlery on the Go? Look what I found!

Bear Cutlery s-l1600

I am ridiculously tickled by this cutlery set! Fork, spoon and chopsticks, all in a nifty little carrying case. I confess to a strong affection for small items, be it tools, tea sets, and now, this. How did I live so long and never see these little sets? I found these on eBay, while I was looking for – something, who knows what, now? My girls are all excited about attending their first Comic Con in the nearby town next month, so many, many searches have been undertaken, regarding anime and all the attendant nerdiness. Somehow, among all the multi-colored wigs, and all the DIY videos on YouTube (which are another post, entirely. WOW.), I stumbled over these little sets of cutlery, portable cutlery, I might add.Cutlery on the Go s-l400

Now, why would I be so excited about portable cutlery? ALL cutlery is portable, isn’t it? Well, I can *testify* that cutlery is portable! When my first two children were toddlers, I discovered that their ‘helpfulness’ in clearing their own plates, was why my flatware was disappearing! I was able to staunch the loss of cutlery with those two kiddos, but with the arrival of four little ones in under six years, I lost that war. I do not have one single piece left of my original, very nice flatware. I comfort myself with the thought that I would rather have my children than nice flatware, but I confess — I miss having nice cutlery. My girls tease me that I’m a “weeaboo” for little things. I guess they’re right. Oh, well.

I spent $1.47 for each set, with FREE shipping. Have I mentioned that I’m predominantly Scots-Irish? LOL  Free shipping, a carrying case, and personal flatware for every member of the family. How much happier could I be with this purchase? Well, today the same sets are selling for $1.39! I can live with that, I suppose. I just had to share this special little something with someone other than myself, who might appreciate the cuteness and convenience factors being so perfectly packaged. IMG_20160419_131251

There have been some discussions about whether we are committing “cultural appropriation”. We’ve reached a consensus that even the term is a show of idiocy, and we are viewing this as a wonderful learning opportunity. The sets are made and shipped from China, so we’ve had the chance to use map skills, worked on following shipping info on the internet via eBay & USPS, and gone through the recipe books, looking for a few favorite recipes to make.

My girls are now hoping for a trip to Panda Express, or Kaylon Garden (their fave). I’m holding out for a trip to Mr.Wok, waaaay out on the north end of town. In any event, they are using (and WASHING) their individual sets, and are happy to do so! I absolutely cannot ask for a better result than that. Take care!


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