Muffins, Fried Chicken, and Homecoming, oh my!

Oh, this has been a morning of yumminess and hectic activity! Had to use up some pumpkin, so I made super spiced pumpkin muffins, with craisins, coconut and almond extract (we’re out of vanilla, a fact for which I am bizarrely grateful. I am having to try almond in all sorts of different things, this week), and raw sugar crystals sprinkled on top. These are MOST excellent, and I will be posting the recipe and some photos later today. Why later? Well, while the muffins were baking, I was making fried chicken for brunch (yes, brunch. Most days we don’t eat breakfast at breakfast time. We’re weird, but fun. Get used to it.). Anyway, the chicken came out wonderfully. My little herd of carnivores has happily scarfed down their daily dose of protein, AND, the most momentous event of the day, so far: My dd#2, Olivia, is getting ready to attend Homecoming with her little beau, 3 towns away. Nervousness reigns, clothing flies, and there is a constant hum of activity in the bathroom. Meanwhile, I am trying to supervise a math lesson for youngest dd, and decide in which car to drive the 75 miles or so, round-trip. Wheat country is all about geography, if you view it from the right perspective. Viewed from my pocketbook, it’s pricey to drive so far. But! It’s a gorgeous drive, the roads and the skies are clear and dry, and I’ll be bringing my crochet projects to keep me busy during the football game, and the following outdoor movie. This should be fun! 🙂


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