Speech Therapy at Home – New Resource Found!

We lucked out last week: we delivered eggs to our Bishop’s house, and while we were there, I asked his wife, Kelly, where she worked outside of the home. I knew she worked, I just couldn’t remember where, or what it was she did. As soon as she said it, I remembered: She’s a speech therapist! We started talking about DD#3, and her history with ST, and her desire to work on her ‘r’s’, at the ripe old age of 13. As we were preparing to leave, I asked Kelly if she knew anything about Speech Buddy ST aids (https://www.speechbuddy.com/). Imagine my surprise when she said, “Yes! I just got one a couple weeks ago. Do you want to use it?” Wow. It was an ‘R’ Speech Buddy! Yes, we borrowed it; Yes, DD#3 is using it, and YES, I consider it a blessing/answer to prayer! 🙂  Then, on the way home, same day, we stopped at the library in the little town before ours. No real agenda, but they have 10 or 12 computers, and super fast wi-fi, so we stopped to say hello to the librarian (she works in our town, too). She mentioned that they were looking to find a new home for a shelf in the outer room I was admiring. BINGO! Twice in the same afternoon, Providence poured out blessings. We have needed a new, BIG bookshelf for months, but I only started praying for one recently. This shelf unit would easily be a $200 unit, purchased new. I paid — TA-DA! $10.00. Total. Finito. We picked it up Wednesday of this week, and got it installed upstairs (a fun task). It’s beautiful, and sturdy and waiting for books to come calling. I’m thinking of locating our new printer upstairs. It never rains but it pours. God takes good care of us, and I am so grateful! 😀


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