Procrastination & Evasion – My specialties

I am working on setting up this blog so I don’t have to face the dishes (which my children assured me were Olivia’s responsibility, however she isn’t available at the moment, which means, you guessed it! *I* get to do the dishes. Again.). The dishes are in the way of my making banana bread AND pumpkin bread (because, anything worth doing once is definitely worth doing to excess, right?), with walnuts in the first, and butterscotch chips in the second. Why butterscotch, rather than the traditional chocolate chips? I could say I just felt like it. I could say that the idea of the buttery sweetness of butterscotch just toasts my cookies today. Or, I could say that my 17-year-old son has eaten every piece of chocolate in the house. I’m not sure who would be more embarrassed by that, however. Let’s go with the ‘buttery sweetness’ bit, shall we?
So, once I finish this little bit of a post, I’m off to wash dishes, after first putting in a load of wash, of course, then throw together the banana bread, followed closely by the pumpkin bread (which I think is really my whole motivating factor for the day, TBH). Meanwhile, the two younger girls will be working on creating a Family Home Evening activity/lesson. It’s actually the responsibility of the younger sister, but it’s good for the older sister to assist, right? And, it keeps them occupied in a constructive mode. Yay! The dishes call, and I must answer. To be continued….


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